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Donate to Kids Mental Health

Our goal is to reach as many children as possible through community outreach, legislative efforts, and simply through organic growth. If you feel our efforts and Mental Health Workbook has made an impact for you, your child, students, or patients, we would be so happy if you could donate to Kids Mental Health online. 

You donations are used for the following:

Finishing The Workbook

The workbook is not done yet. Your donations go towards Rob's efforts to complete five additional chapters, illustrations, layout, and having it reviewed by professionals.   

Marketing & Promotions

We want to reach as many kids as possible and we can do this through printed workbooks delivered to schools, online marketing & website, and community outreach.


Create a training curriculum for other kids to learn how to lead peer support groups in their communities.

Managing Our Non-Profit

Covers legal and business expenses.

Donate to kids mental causes and make our country a better place for kids struggling with mental health issues.

donate to kids mental health

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