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Mental Health Legislation Efforts

We know that educating our children is the best way we can help them learn how to deal with adversity. Our Founder, Robert Barsel, is proposing Nevada legislation (Senate Bill 313) to incorporate a more robust Mental Health curriculum for K-12 in the 2023 legislative session. Please watch Robert testify along with Senator Roberta Lange, who is carrying the bill, in front of the Nevada Senate Committee on Education in April 2023 outlining why this change is so needed.

To view the presentation from this meeting, please click here.

You can read the bill language here:  SB 313

mental health legislation
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Helping Change happen

Legislative Efforts

After creating his workbook and working with hundreds of kids in peer support groups, our founder, Robert Barsel, saw how educating kids about their mental health had a profound impact on their well-being. He wondered why this information was not taught in schools and researched other states’ statutes to determine how he could make Mental Health a mandated subject taught throughout K12. In May of 2022, after finding Senator Roberta Lange to help him propose this important legislation, Robert presented alarming state and national statistics to the Joint Interim Committee on Education to get their support going into the 83rd Legislative Session.

To view the presentation from this meeting, please click here

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